The “I” of God

October 12, 2012

ImageDuring a Theta session today a woman told me that she had trouble with the word “I.”  In particular in the phrase, “I created this.”  For her, the “I” word made her think of ego.  And ego and “I” made her feel separated from The Source. The Great Creator.    The session unfolded in such a beautiful way, and we were shown a new perspective on the word “I.”.  Moving out the top of her head, my client connected to the Field of All Things, Consciousness, God, the Matrix.  Call it what you will.  She was shown how out in the Vastness of Consciousness there are limitless points of Consciousness – you, me, every being.  God expands, that’s what God does. Each of these points of Consciousness is God touching in from a creative viewpoint to “see” from that viewpoint.  The perspective of “Chris” is going to offer specific experiences back into God’s vision.  Back into the Total Consciousness.  Each point of Consciousness, each of us, is a way that Consciousness is expanding.  And it WANTS to experience and expand in as many ways as possible. It wants the uniqueness of each of us. As we choose to create from our unique personalities, desires and ideas, so The Creator expands and experiences Itself.  My client was suddenly shown that it is okay for her to think of herself as an “I.”  That being the exact “I” that she is helps Consciousness experience what her unique “I” can create.  My client became willing to look out at the world as herself, her unique, seemingly separate self – because in that moment she realized that she was an eye of God.  A viewpoint for God consciousness from which to look at Itself and Creation.  We were shown that the more willing she was to be her unique “I,” the more clearly God could look through her and see. And the more she created, willingly, from her own unique viewpoint, the more God could experience.  She was shown that anytime she heard the word “I,” in her mind she can replace it with “The eye of God.”  In this way, she will instantly remember what was revealed to us in Theta about the great value of each being’s perspective in the expansion of Consciousness. And she’ll remember how connected she really is to The Great Creator.  She’ll  know that whatever she sees and creates, God benefits from.  The image of the letter “I” being written on her forehead came to us both. The forehead – a place of visionary vision and far seeing.   The session was a beautiful message to enjoy being the “I” of God, and create whatever your vision is.  It will benefit All Creation.


We affect our reality

January 21, 2012

a participant at the last Vison Boards workshop

We affect our reality.
We know there is more than the visible.

We meditate, we feel into, we make art
Because there are things to be discovered,
Things to be shifted,
And because it allows us to be with ourselves.

We move ourselves
       and our minds
       our hearts
       and our viewpoints
 by making art.

We integrate the unknown into the light of known;
We transform our actual chemistry and thinking;
We make contact with possibility.

By being still within ourselves
      and listening to our deep knowing
We open to that feeling of “Something Bigger”

And we walk it into this world.

Emotion – The Core of Manifesting

January 1, 2012

Emotion is energy in motion. That’s what the creator of the Lifeline Energy technique, Darren Weissman, says.

Mike Dooley insists that emotion is the key ingredient to successful visualization and manifesting.

Abraham (through Esther and Jerry Hicks) has always told us that we must get ourselves into a “good feeling place” before the manifestations that match that feeling can show up.

And in my own Thetahealing work, the shortest path to healing seems to be directing emotion, rather than thought. Emotion is vibration. We are all energy beings, vibrating at a certain speed, or frequency. What I’ve learned is that we can generate specific feelings on purpose, just by intending them. And when we do that, it heals us faster than using words.

More and more, my sessions with clients include, first, having the client feel into their own energy field. To simply tune into the fact that they have one. Then be aware of its qualities. What does it feel like? Does the client get any sense of speed, quality of vibration, emotional content, color, shape, size?  The point is, I make sure every person I work with not only knows they have an energy field, but that they already know how to connect with it and get information from it. Once they know this, I simply ask the client to feel out for, to generate, or to invite certain emotions that seem needed for balance and healing. Love. Wonder. Wellbeing. Or whatever is called for. The amazing thing is, that the client CAN do this. We can ALL do this. We can simply reach out into our fields of being and manifest love, for example. Once the person has called up the emotion of love, I let her or him bask in it, fill their cells, change and heal the very real electromagnetic field around their bodies.

The reason that emotion is the key to manifesting is exactly because it changes our energy signature. Uplifted emotions uplift our frequency, and uplifts what we are transmitting into the stuff of the Universe. People, places and things that are a match to our new, healed, happier frequency can now come into our electromagnetic field. Two disparate vibrations cannot coexist, but ones that match or harmonize sure can.

When most of us think of manifesting, we are talking about manifesting relationships, new jobs, or new houses. Which is a valid, wonderful part of the life we live as human creators! At the same time, we want that stuff because we think we’ll FEEL a certain way when we get it. But here’s a fun little wink from the God’s: once we actually manifest the emotion directly, we care less about whether or not we get the things themselves. We’ve just cut out the middle man, by-passed manifesting “stuff” to give us certain emotions, and skipped straight to feeling the positive emotions now! Like Gregg Braden says, “As we mature into the state of consciousness where we know that we can alter our reality, it also seems that it becomes less important for us to do so.” Ironically, and another wink from the gods, is that once we care less, and we already have the emotion, then the “stuff” can come far more easily into our fields. This is largely because when we fervently want something we are paradoxically – and equally fervently – affirming its absence.

Abraham’s whole message is largely summed up in the above paragraph! You can hear them talk about it by getting your hands on any of their books or media! I especially love this one important point they’ve been urging us to remember lately: making yourself feel an emotion on purpose IS a manifestation! It all begins from there.

So, in light of all that, here’s a new technique you can try when you want to manifest something. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and I find it so simple and powerful:

Sit down with a pad of paper. Close your eyes, and project yourself forward into the future. Imagine that the exact circumstances that you want have already come to pass. Look around. See yourself and your surroundings. And here’s the new twist: feel into this scene and observe what emotions the future you is feeling. What exactly are you feeling in that scene? Feel it in your body. Send your sensors into that scene like emotional radar and pick up what’s there. You are emotionally mining your desired outcome for what specific emotions it contains. When you get one or two emotions, stop and write them down, then go back to the scene and mine it for more nuances and shades of emotion. Keep it up until you are saturated with how you’ll feel when these things you are wanting come to pass. When you feel finished, hang onto the emotions. They will still be in your body. Bring your attention back to your present day body. Now, simply sit in the reality of the emotions you’ve just manifested. You just changed your electromagnetic signature. You just changed what kinds of situations and things match you, so you’ve just made it possible for those things to come into your life. And, wink wink, you get to be happy and in love NOW. No waiting.

It’s truly beautiful that once you bring peace, love, joy, empowerment – any of these positive feelings – into your field, you get to feel them now. And you have actually, literally opened the door for more of that kind of emotion to show up in your life – and in all of Existence. I’ll quote Gregg Braden again and say “What we feel within our bodies affects not only us, but the world beyond.”

We can manifest anything. We can change the vibration of ourselves, our stories, and Existence. We can feel good now.




The Gregg Braden quotes came out of his book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief.

I also referred to Darren Weissman and the Lifeline Energy Healing Technique. Check him out at

And I have links to both Abraham and Mike Dooley’s websites on my blogroll!


November 12, 2011

As I feel into “Things” during my meditations, and I reach out into Being, I am met by a vast Love and happiness. So far, in my experience, Reality seems to be Loving. And it also seems to be Happy. Pleased, even. For me personally, the Intelligence That Underlies Existence also seems to have a sense of humor. It often feels to me that laughter is the highest vibration there is! When I’m working with someone in a session, Source often gives me images that make me and the other person laugh! And when that happens, whatever “heavy” stuff we were dealing with just seconds ago is often dissolved into irrelevancey!

Happiness definitely makes any healer more effective. As a possibility shaman, I am extremely interested in helping people find bigger, more expansive options. When I am happy, I can very easily tap into those positive possibilities. The happier I am, the more easily I can tap into that Happy Field of Existence. And the happier I am, the more “at one” I am with that Field. Which means I can direct it far more easily. Any time you think a thought or imagine something, you direct energy. That’s just how it works. And energy responds to a happy thought MUCH faster than to any kind of seriousness! We all know the feeling of taking ourselves too seriously. And we know how things can seem heavy, stuck and harder than ever when we are being serious. And we also know the feeling of a good day, being happy, and everything just seems to “flow.” That’s energy. Responding to your vibration. Happiness creates flow, and gets things moving much quicker. It’s a faster, higher vibration than seriousness.

Mike Dooley, along with most metaphysicians, says that a positive thought is 10,000 times more powerful than a negative thought. This absolutely matches my own experience. I experience the nature of Reality as positive. Positive. Loving. Happy. Joyful. It is the structure of Existence. It is how the circuits of All Things are wired. Which is why energy can respond so much faster to positivity and happiness than doom and gloom. Things are rigged in our favor, folks.

I invite you to sit down sometime and reach out into Space, God, The Universe, Existence – whatever the vaster, Higher thing is to you. The energy there is so simple and happy. So eager and ready.

Reading The Untethered Soul was one of the things that helped me wake up to happiness. Here is one of my favorite passages from the book. For me at the time, it was a radical concept that happiness was not only an option, but could possibly be one of the most powerful spiritual paths a person could choose.

The Path of Unconditional Happiness:

…in the end, you can throw it all away and just make on basic, underlying decision: Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy? It’s really that simple. Once you make that choice, your path through life becomes totally clear…… You have to give an unconditional answer. If you decide that you’re going to be happy from now on for the rest of your life, you will not only be happy, you will become enlightened. Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is. You don’t have to learn Sanskrit or read any scriptures. You don’t have to renounce the world. You just have to really mean It when you say that you choose to be happy. And you have to mean it regardless of what happens. This is a truly spiritual path, and it is as direct and sure a path to Awakening as could possibly exist. (p. 141-142)

Here are some resources to connect with your own Happy Nature!

 The Untethered Soul was written by Michael Singer. More at

Laughter Yoga classes! There’s even one at the studio! See our website for details about that one: and/or find many other free laughter yoga classes at

Abraham is a nonphysical intelligence that is channeled by this cute lady named Esther Hicks, and her husband Jerry. Abraham is funny and has some very simple, expansive ideas that mostly revolve around this whole idea that being happy is the key to living and manifesting easily. Their website is:

Mike Dooley is wonderful.  He has a bunch of uplifting books and free daily emails.  His website is: 

The image was taken from this blog:

Why Possibility?

October 16, 2011
In the observable Universe (with current human technology), astronomers have estimated that there are about 70 SEXTILLION stars. That’s 7, followed by 22 zeros. Or, 70,000 million million million. Or, about 10 times as many GRAINS of SAND on all the world’s beaches and deserts. In other words, a lot. And in our galaxy alone, scientists estimate the existence of 1.4 billion planets. In our galaxy alone. Our galaxy, The Milky Way, is one of millions upon millions of other galaxies.

Existence is pretty big, people. And I’m just talking about observable existence! Scientists know that there is more space beyond the furthest reaches of what their equipment can detect. And we’re not even talking about other dimensions or even other perspectives on the physical universe. Which, let’s face it, also exist! Ask any psychic, mystic, artist, energy worker, spiritual devotee, or quantum scientist.

My point, as a Possibility Shaman here, is that it’s pretty silly to think that anything is impossible, given the incomprehensible vastness of Existence. Really. At the very least, there’s gotta be more possible than we typically hold as true. (The absurd obviousness of that statement makes me laugh!)

In my inner travels and in my work with clients, I have also observed some things about Existence. Existence is filled with energy. And energy seems to be very, very eager to create. The building blocks of creation want to be organized into something. I see them vibrating with anticipation! “Please! Direct me!” Pure energy is like a group of eager puppies, begging us to play with them! It says, “Throw the ball! Anywhere! Think a thought! Any thought! We’ll respond!”

Quantum physics has begun to show us that if we direct our attention – our focus, our minds – that the quantum field of energy will organize around that focus. Science is coming into agreement with ancient understandings that thoughts become things. As it turns out, that’s just how energy seems to work in Existence. The quantum field, the building blocks of creation, want to do your bidding. They are in standby mode, listening for any direction at all. They don’t care what direction. It is their nature to listen to direction and CREATE what is directed! You have infinite cosmic puppies who can make anything happen for you!!

Infinite. That’s pretty big. It can be overwhelming. Especially to our tiny human minds. And even more so because we’ve relatively recently in history decided that our conscious minds are all we want to listen to. Happily we’re getting over that And we’re inviting our senses, our intuition, and our other innate intelligences back into the creative party. But still, I can understand why, given the infinity of existence, we choose to create some limitations for ourselves. Might make us feel safer in a cozy corner than to float in endless Everything. And plus, we can’t pay attention to ALL of Existence and every possibility out there. Not possible to be aware of All Things at the same time.  So we make rules for ourselves and direct our attention to only certain possibilities.

BUT! Somehow we have forgotten that the possibilities we focused on were a choice. We edited Existence for the sake of our sanity. But then we got confused and thought that what we chose was “it.” Our total reality, already chosen. Already “set.”

Existence, the quantum field, holds every possibility. And we can choose, and re-choose, at any time, what we prefer to call out of the quantum field. What we would like to create with the eager energy that wants to create for us! Those cosmic puppies of energy are happy to create this! (Then this!  Yes!  Now THIS! Then that!  Anything!!!!  Yay!)  All we have to do is know that we can direct that field. That we can throw the ball in any direction we want.  And infinite puppies will race exuberantly after it!

So my work as a Possibility Shaman is to help people (including me) to remember that they have made choices. And that they still have the power of choice. I help them remember that the limitations they’re facing are ones that they themselves have called into being. And at one time, those parameters probably served them in some way. I help wake people up to their own power. Their own responsibility. And the remembrance that they can choose again. They have choice. We have a choice. And we have infinite, eager puppies waiting to joyfully create whatever we want.

This image and the one above are two of the glorious images taken by the Hubble Telescope explorer

Four Shamanic Questions

September 22, 2011

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?” — Gabrielle Roth

And I would of course add to that any form of art or creativity.  Painting, writing, acting, collage, scribbling in the sand with a stick at the beach, arranging objects on your mantel, clothing design, and infinite etc!  I would also add ritual.  Daily or yearly, personal and/or spiritual – anything that has meaning for you.  Creativity, art and ritual all put you “in the zone.”  They connect you with your Self and with The Something Bigger.   They heal. They make whole.

There is a book called Homo Aestheticus.  It proposes that one of the major things that makes us human is that we like to make things special.  We like to adorn, decorate, create, ritualize.  It’s in us, it’s who we are.  Gladly more and more people are allowing themselves to create, rather than make a false separation between themselves and “artists.”  Homo Aestheticus says we are all artists, whether we “try” to be or not.   

Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why, by Ellen Dissanayake
And to check out modern day shaman/mover Gabrielle Roth, see her website:

The pictures here are all of me and my friends Ahna and Kathi.  They attended one of the workshops I held at the studio years ago.  You can see all the pictures from that workshop at:





Permission and play

September 14, 2011

I meet with a group of energy healers.  We share ideas from each of our areas of study, and Monday I shared Thetahealing with them. I was so excited to do group work for a bunch of people who are so aware of energy!  What I’m realizing now is that I got caught up in some habits, and missed a couple of opportunities.  At one point some downloads were coming about the word “power.” Some information about power was trying to make itself available to the group.  But I could feel that the word was causing friction for the group as a whole.  Something about the word, or the way I was translating it from energy, wasn’t sitting well. I tried to press on and “figure it out” myself in Theta.  Seems silly to me now!  The energy group I meet with is interested in experiementing!  They would have been wide open to talking about what was going on!   I got caught up in trying to “do a good job”, which separated me from the full Flow.  Instead, I could have allowed myself the excitement, and more flexible exploration of what doing Theta for such an advanced group of energy “feelers” could be like. In retrospect, when I encountered the resistance to the word “power,” I could have just stopped what I was doing and initiated a conversation.  Usually a lot shifts energetically when I stop and just talk to my clients about what is going on.  Why didn’t I allow myself to do that with the energy group?  I think I was “shoulding” myself there!  And I had a fixed idea of what doing Thetahealing for a group, or facilitating a group process, looks like.  I’m really glad I had the experience so I know to give myself permission to play more in the future.  Play and permission.  Two fantastically helpful words!! 


In the future I might also allow the energy workers to “do” more of the shift.  I think it could have been really fascinating to invite everyone’s energy field to come out and play together, invisibly and silently, and see what happened!  Maybe their energy fields could have shared information, ideas, and healing vibrations.  And maybe the group could have bonded and shared love if they were invited to explore the room and the group’s collective field.  There’s a lot of possibility there that can only be revealed if we give it a try sometime!  I meet with this group of folks once a month, so maye at a future meeting we can give that one a try again!  In the meantime, it opened up possibilities for some of the workshops I facilitate at the studio.  As well as for individual sessions.  Well, and of course, play and possibility options for life in general.


The take home message and reminder to me is:  let the group participate!  One of the whole reasons for HAVING a group is that we can share resources and knowledge!  I’m really getting that I can lay down the “should” of having to “do it myself,” “try hard,” and “figure it out alone.”  Can you just feel the contraction in those words and stances?  That’s no fun at all.  Of course, my realization makes sense.  The more I do my possibility shamanism, the more I realize that the healing is infinitely more powerful if the client (group) gets involved.  That’s one of the reasons I love Thetahealing so much to begin with!  It’s so participatory!  So let’s all explore together, shall we? 

Increasing Possibility #1: Take a Class!

September 3, 2011

A picture from a recent NLP email flyer! Check The Empowerment Partnership out at

I went to an amazing training workshop last weekend. Neurolinguistic Programming. “NLP.” I got my Thetahealing training from Alexis Davis, and Alexis is also trained in NLP. I really love the way the NLP informs her practice and her teaching, so I decided to get some training in that myself. I took a 4+ day training and it was amazing. It truly opened up my world to new ideas, new philosophies, new tools, new people, new environments, and lots of possibility!

Absolutely one of the biggest ways I have expanded my world and possibilities in life has been through education. From Master’s Degrees all the way to 2 hour classes in jewelry making, every time I take a new class I get exposed to newness. New stuff = new options. And possibility shamanism is all about increasing options. It doesn’t really matter what class you take. If it’s new to you then you’ll get exposed to fresh ideas and people. Just take any class or workshop that interests you! You never know where it will lead. I took a weekend training with Jan Phillips 4 years ago, and I met a friend who has been an encouraging force in my life ever since. I took a dance class in college and ended up getting two degrees in it! And when I took my ThetaHealing training, I was just checking it out! I had no thought of practicing it! But ThetaHealing has completely transformed my life and my private practice.

Not every workshop or class you take is going to transform your life. But the explorative steps you take really add up to your journey, and really guide the direction of your path. You can actually unfold your heart and mind with your curiosity. And slowly, incrementally, you can open whole new philosophies and paradigms for yourself.

The other lovely bit about taking a class that interests you is that you are giving yourself permission to explore the world. And to explore the things that matter to you. When it comes down to it, you are telling yourself that you matter, and what interests you matters. So take a workshop. Tell yourself you matter. Curiously open your heart. And follow your interest with delight. They’ll take you into possibilities that are meaningful to YOU.

Let’s go ahead and dance!

August 24, 2011

I found this at and it sure looked like good medicine to me!

“We’re all fools whether we dance or not, so why not dance?” — Japanese proverb

It’s amazing how much of life we deny ourselves because we’re afraid of looking stupid.  Looking bad. Someone else judging us.  Amazing how many blog entries don’t get written because of that!  I’ve noticed that ever since Possibility Shamanism came and claimed me, my fears about being judged have been up. Along with my fears of being insufficient. Is that really worthy of writing down?  What if it’s dorky?  Or shows how “immature” I am?  Who am I to be writing about Possibility Shamanism? 
I seem to currently be a human playing with an idea!  Exploring it, trying it on, being alive.  I am sort of stunned to see how much permission I DON’T give myself to let things be new, unformed, in progress, in process. In journey!  Just yesterday I observed to a client how he expected himself to have it all figured out at the beginning of the journey, to have it perfect before he even knew what he was creating!  Perfection pretty much kills possibility. It seems to have some pretty heavy-duty associations with a particular, fixed outcome.  I say let it be changeable.  Let our current moment affect our current course.  Let us be open to all possibility, and enjoy the exploration of possibility.  Let the joyful journey take precedent above all else!  Abraham says “You can never get it wrong because you can’t ever get it done.”  Meaning, we are eternal, and there IS no ending point.  There really is only the journey, the experience of being alive! 
I’ve decided I’m allowed to be alive.  To not know.  To dance like a fool down the path.  Which really does seem pretty wise to me.

found this one at Yes!

Imagining on purpose = energy work

August 13, 2011

When I work with people, it’s always been a guiding focus of mine to make sure the participant is actively engaged in what’s going on. Whether in expressive arts or in energy work (which I am coming to understand are just different modalities of shifting energy and beliefs, and claiming personal power!!).

Usually the most powerful energy sessions are when I ask the client to direct their own attention and energy in a particular direction. This just means having them actively imagine something. A line of energy running through their body, their energy field getting cleaner, pulling a belief out of their vibration, and endless other things. The point is, when we imagine something, it actually changes our physiology. The body responds to the image. In my dance training, the professors were always giving us images to help us visualize a certain movement, pathway in the body, or alignment. And it worked because the body always organizes around the image you give it! The body takes it as direction. You have just directed your whole physiology – muscles, nerves, chemicals – toward a particular outcome. You literally open up new neural pathways and “show” your body a new way of doing it. Of course, it’s not just your physical body that responds to the image. It’s your energy body too. You can direct energy with your mind, with your intention. Of course. That’s nothing new for us in our society. The Secret, other Law of Attraction material, and even Quantum Physics – they all tell us that we direct energy with our thoughts. Quantum Physics even tells us that when we observe something, and when we intentionally think of something or look in a particular direction, then the quantum field changes its behavior!! It suggests that what we look for shows up! So when I ask a client to imagine their connection to the Earth – that connection shows up! Their neuro-chemistry and energy open themselves in the direction of the earth, it opens meridians (pathways of energy) in the body, and the Earth itself suddenly “wakes up” and responds and reaches out towards the client. Because by observing that line of energy and connection, we’ve brought it into being.

I’m still researching this truth that I have that directed imagination = energy work. You can begin to check out the malleability of the quantum field by watching the video!