Emotion – The Core of Manifesting

Emotion is energy in motion. That’s what the creator of the Lifeline Energy technique, Darren Weissman, says.

Mike Dooley insists that emotion is the key ingredient to successful visualization and manifesting.

Abraham (through Esther and Jerry Hicks) has always told us that we must get ourselves into a “good feeling place” before the manifestations that match that feeling can show up.

And in my own Thetahealing work, the shortest path to healing seems to be directing emotion, rather than thought. Emotion is vibration. We are all energy beings, vibrating at a certain speed, or frequency. What I’ve learned is that we can generate specific feelings on purpose, just by intending them. And when we do that, it heals us faster than using words.

More and more, my sessions with clients include, first, having the client feel into their own energy field. To simply tune into the fact that they have one. Then be aware of its qualities. What does it feel like? Does the client get any sense of speed, quality of vibration, emotional content, color, shape, size?  The point is, I make sure every person I work with not only knows they have an energy field, but that they already know how to connect with it and get information from it. Once they know this, I simply ask the client to feel out for, to generate, or to invite certain emotions that seem needed for balance and healing. Love. Wonder. Wellbeing. Or whatever is called for. The amazing thing is, that the client CAN do this. We can ALL do this. We can simply reach out into our fields of being and manifest love, for example. Once the person has called up the emotion of love, I let her or him bask in it, fill their cells, change and heal the very real electromagnetic field around their bodies.

The reason that emotion is the key to manifesting is exactly because it changes our energy signature. Uplifted emotions uplift our frequency, and uplifts what we are transmitting into the stuff of the Universe. People, places and things that are a match to our new, healed, happier frequency can now come into our electromagnetic field. Two disparate vibrations cannot coexist, but ones that match or harmonize sure can.

When most of us think of manifesting, we are talking about manifesting relationships, new jobs, or new houses. Which is a valid, wonderful part of the life we live as human creators! At the same time, we want that stuff because we think we’ll FEEL a certain way when we get it. But here’s a fun little wink from the God’s: once we actually manifest the emotion directly, we care less about whether or not we get the things themselves. We’ve just cut out the middle man, by-passed manifesting “stuff” to give us certain emotions, and skipped straight to feeling the positive emotions now! Like Gregg Braden says, “As we mature into the state of consciousness where we know that we can alter our reality, it also seems that it becomes less important for us to do so.” Ironically, and another wink from the gods, is that once we care less, and we already have the emotion, then the “stuff” can come far more easily into our fields. This is largely because when we fervently want something we are paradoxically – and equally fervently – affirming its absence.

Abraham’s whole message is largely summed up in the above paragraph! You can hear them talk about it by getting your hands on any of their books or media! I especially love this one important point they’ve been urging us to remember lately: making yourself feel an emotion on purpose IS a manifestation! It all begins from there.

So, in light of all that, here’s a new technique you can try when you want to manifest something. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and I find it so simple and powerful:

Sit down with a pad of paper. Close your eyes, and project yourself forward into the future. Imagine that the exact circumstances that you want have already come to pass. Look around. See yourself and your surroundings. And here’s the new twist: feel into this scene and observe what emotions the future you is feeling. What exactly are you feeling in that scene? Feel it in your body. Send your sensors into that scene like emotional radar and pick up what’s there. You are emotionally mining your desired outcome for what specific emotions it contains. When you get one or two emotions, stop and write them down, then go back to the scene and mine it for more nuances and shades of emotion. Keep it up until you are saturated with how you’ll feel when these things you are wanting come to pass. When you feel finished, hang onto the emotions. They will still be in your body. Bring your attention back to your present day body. Now, simply sit in the reality of the emotions you’ve just manifested. You just changed your electromagnetic signature. You just changed what kinds of situations and things match you, so you’ve just made it possible for those things to come into your life. And, wink wink, you get to be happy and in love NOW. No waiting.

It’s truly beautiful that once you bring peace, love, joy, empowerment – any of these positive feelings – into your field, you get to feel them now. And you have actually, literally opened the door for more of that kind of emotion to show up in your life – and in all of Existence. I’ll quote Gregg Braden again and say “What we feel within our bodies affects not only us, but the world beyond.”

We can manifest anything. We can change the vibration of ourselves, our stories, and Existence. We can feel good now.




The Gregg Braden quotes came out of his book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief.

I also referred to Darren Weissman and the Lifeline Energy Healing Technique. Check him out at https://www.drdarrenweissman.com/

And I have links to both Abraham and Mike Dooley’s websites on my blogroll!


2 Responses to Emotion – The Core of Manifesting

  1. Orly says:

    A while ago I found a super thick (`6 inch) very old (1867) Webster dictionary on top of a trash bin on the street a block away from my house. I brought it home and set it on my shelf to hold art books on the left, my journals on the right. Everyone said to me: What are you going to do with it, hopefully not alter it the way you do with other old books. So I would say: Oh no, THIS one, I won’t touch. Yesterday I changed my mind and I don’t care what ‘they’ say. I’ve decided to make it my day-to-day visual journal, starting with today, the first day of the year. It will take me years to complete as it has 2558 pages in it. I made my cover last night, and today the first thing I am going to write on it is: “I CAN FEEL GOOD NOW’…thank you Chris, May you have an ’emotion’ filled year…LOVE-TO-YOU!

  2. Mary Ardagna says:

    this article is really rich in wisdom. i like the ways in which you help people feel into their energy field – i might be stealing some of these to add to my bag of tricks in that regard. i never thought about asking a client to think about it in terms of descriptors like that. and that manifestation exercise sounds awesome – i look forward to trying it out soon.

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